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How to Match Voice Talent to Your Brand

Monday, March 6, 2023

When creating an ad with audio, you need the right voice talent to sell your brand.

Consistency is one of the hallmarks of any brand trying to beat the competition in 2023. If you can't develop your brand voice and look to appeal to your niche audience, one of your direct competitors will.

Part of brand consistency comes with talent matching your brand voice with the right voice talent. Whether you're making radio ads, podcast spots, or you need voice-overs for marketing videos, the tone and timbre of the voice matters.

In this post, we will give you a voice talent guide. Keep reading, and you'll be able to find the perfect voice talent to represent your brand.


When you hire voice talent, you need to be sure that they can capture the tone of your brand and ads. Voice actors are trained to be versatile, but the natural sound of one's voice has to fit with the mood you're trying to convey.

If your ads are meant to be funny, you should look for someone with a playful voice and comedic timing. A more serious corporate ad may require someone with more depth and authority.

Depth and Age

When thinking about depth and range, first decide whether you want a male or female voice representing your brand. Deep voices can command attention in an effective way, while higher-pitched voices are more soothing and welcoming.

Age is another important consideration. Do you want to convey age and wisdom or youthful playfulness?

You can reach a conclusion here by thinking about your target audience. It's hard to get through to an audience when the person speaking is from a completely different demographic. Match your talent with your target audience, and you'll be in good shape.


Does your brand have a mascot? If so, the voice talent you hire plays an even more important role. Think of characters like the Geico Gecko, Mr. Peanut, or Tony the Tiger; you can't imagine those characters with different voices.

If your mascot is going to be a success, your voice talent needs to hit the mark. To help this process, make sure that your ad copy is well thought out and that you've put a lot of background into the character.


If you're trying to reach a particular demographic, it can be helpful to consider a multilingual voice talent or someone with an accent. When you're trying to sell products to a specific region, it's better when those people hear someone they can identify with that has the correct pronunciations.

Find the Perfect Voice Talent Today

Now that you've got a good voice talent and branding guide to help your search, it's time to tell you about the best resource for voice talent. At Voice Talent Now, we specialize in connecting brands with the best voice talent in the country.

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